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Welcome to BPCOM Group–Changing how we view the world... And each other.

These are extraordinary times we're living in: A global economy of over [US] $62 trillion, approximately 32 times that of California's $1.8 trillion dollar economy; a global population of over 7 billion, and estimated to grow to 9 (+) billion by 2050; a global macro-shift in human ecology (an exodus from rural areas to cities); the constant threat of climate change and extreme weather; and a "super abundance of information." These are extraordinary times indeed. The question for America now, is, ...are we prepared to Live Civil? ©

Vision & Mission
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A Different Venue (ADV) is a meeting place for entrepreneurial and kindred spirits...

ADV's agenda is to provide an atmosphere and environment where entrepreneurs can relax and network amongst peers: exchanging different ideas; keeping abreast of what's working in the trenches, and what's not; and simply learning about each other's entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences.

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"In the life of any individual, family, community or society, memory is of fundamental importance. It is the fabric of identity" – Nelson Mandela...

It’s quite a paradox, considering civilization’s advancement in science and technology. We can send people into space, we can colonize planets, we can even clone human DNA. Yet we cannot solve one of the world’s oldest and most intractable problems–race relations–how to get along with one another? © 2010

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Intelligence. Design. Distribution (ID2US)...

The most apparent reason why businesses should be taking advantage of the benefits of Internet digital marketing tools is the emergence of a global economy and marketplace. For example, it's just as easy for customers today to buy from a company halfway around the world as it is for them to buy from a business half a mile away. The question is, in this era of globalization, are you prepared to do business?

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The sooner humanity learns how to live sustainably, the sooner we can reconcile the Spiritual Divide between all races–and particularly, between blacks and whites. The two issues are not mutually exclusive of each other–they are locked together, hand-in-hand...

The question is, are we prepared to Live Civil? ©

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Current research data estimates that no single ethnic group will be a majority of Americans by the year 2050...

In the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, specifically, We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, it is Profiting From Diversity's (PFD) ambition to see Americans united in the commonality to insusre domestic tranquility in our nation–no matter our color: red, black, brown, white, yellow–and to lead the world by examples of moral ethics, justice, compassion and good will, and not just by elitism and military might.

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BPCOM Group - Changing How We View The World... And Each Other.

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Ergo... The Promise Of America Endures.

If America is to regain her moral compass, her citizens will have to rescue its government held captive by lobbyists–advocacy groups representing the interests of a self-serving elitist class for nearly thirty years...

Rescuing Our Government

Given what's at stake, the only question is will Americans unite to rescue our government of a non-majority few? Or, will the onerous profits of corporate finance remain champion of socio-economic and political agendas involving America's future? At BPCOM we believe the answer is yes. Americans will forgo their differences, as they did in the previous presidential election–but not without intrepidation–as politicians will invariably play the race card, used to keep America unfocused, divided and clueless to their pernicious game.

Though relatively young compared to other nations of the world, America is still making great strides in spite of her future in the hands and control of a plutocratic few. America's continued evolution, or as some would argue, her continued degeneration, continues albeit, to revolve around America rediscovering morality. But, make no mistake about it, if America remains captive to the current hubris and inept tactics of morally corrupt politicians–the consequences will be monstrously disastrous to say the least.

Nonetheless, BPCOM believes America's future is bright–the idea of America as the beacon atop the mountain, giving hope and promise of equality to the masses, endures. Why, because we do good and great things, as evidenced by America's moral turpitude in creating The Constitution of the United States despite our ignominious beginnings deeply rooted in crimes against humanity. (Slavery and the near annihilation of the native American Indian.). And too, as further evidenced by America's most recent election of its first African American president (America's 44th president), in spite of our ignominious historical beginnings.

Therefore in our opinion, America's continued evolution and her restoration of morality comes with a Spiritual price–and that is to ask for forgiveness–that in the past, a price America has been unwilling to pay. The United States should atone for its past transgressions, "caused by successive governments," formally apologizing to African and Native Americans for America's role in the more than 200 years of institutionalized slavery and nearly killing off America's indigenous peoples. And African and Native Americans will have to accept the U.S. government's apology. (If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.)... –Luke 17:3-4.

(Forgiving however, does not mean forgetting.). At BPCOM, we believe that contrition is not only the moral catalyst needed to begin the healing process of an age-old Spiritual divide between cultures, but will also serve as a catalyst to free America's political system from pernicious control, ultimately, accelerating America's continued evolution as a nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Notwithstanding, if Australia can formally apologize to Aborigines, for its past transgressions caused by successive governments, certainly the United States of America can do the same for her past transgressions. Because, contrary to an antiquated view of the world, we are our brother's keeper... And we live, only when he lives.

(I live only when you live.");** (Yo vivo sólo cuando se vive)(Je ne vis que lorsque vous vivez) (Eu vivo somente quando você vive); (Mimi kuishi tu wakati wewe kuishi); (M ap viv sèlman lè ou ap viv); (أنا أعيش فقط عندما كنت تعيش)(Ich lebe nur, wenn Sie live); (我住只有当你生活); (אני חי רק כאשר אתה חי); (あなたが住んでいるとき、私は、単に生きて); (살 때 살아); (Solum vivo vivis); (من زندگی می کنند فقط زمانی که شما زندگی می کنند)می کنند; (Я живу только тогда, когда вы живете); (میں صرف جی جب آپ رہتے ہیں); (Tôi sống chỉ khi bạn sống). (** Reference: Bishop Desmund Tutu, "African philosophy of Ubuntu.).

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Indispensable Gear (got to have) to live and prosper in the era of globalization–the new knowledge economy.

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Wake-Up Call

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Interpreting the signs of the times–is there probable cause for alarm? You be the judge...

America, expanding into a "New World Order" through global collaboration.

Or, America, an empire crumbling in the winter of global discontent.

Conspiracy theories aside, draw your own conclusions.

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We Americans got complacent–we got fat and lazy–but we're awake now...

And mindful of the cold, hard facts: Global competition is fierce. And if we're going to survive, we're going to have to change our behaviour, that, in the past, has led to hurtful consequences.

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Founded to help diverse cultures learn to live together sustainably, adopting better social and environmental initiatives and "green" policies–which we feel will ultimately help reconcile the Spiritual divide between black and white cultures.

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Profiting From Diversity (PFD) showcases varied entrepreneurial achievements that help eliminate cultural bias and polarization.

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